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Photo Workshops
Why Take a Travel
Photo Workshop?


Anyone can buy a camera and take a picture.  Its easy..... just aim and press the shutter. Right?

Despite owning expensive camera gear many people still wonder why their photographs don't look the way they want them to.  Here's the reason:  It's NOT about equipment, it's about Knowledge and Skill.  Consistently creating successful images is challenging.  It is an acquired skill that requires effort, practice, and dedicated training.  Great photographs represent mastery of two elements: aesthetics and technique. An appreciation of art, light, and style is important to generating images with aesthetic appeal.  Similarly, command over the technical aspects of your gear, its features and settings, is vital to achieving your creative vision.


Photo education can take many forms, but one thing is certain;  to develop skill in photography, most people cannot just read a book and begin creating stunning images.  Most of us are experiential learners. We need numerous opportunities to try, fail, correct, and improve.  This is precisely why travel photo workshops are such powerful learning environments.  New places, cultures, wildlife, and landscapes provide us with multiple opportunities to capture interesting new things we deem 'photo worthy'.  And the more opportunities we have, the faster we move up the learning curve. 

In addition, skill development can be accelerated by engaging in a solid educational platform. Without guided didactic and 'hands-on' training, photographers progress slowly, develop bad habits, and waste promising opportunities.  A skilled instructor provides the curriculum and learning progression that encourages photographers to harness their creative potential.  

So what is the fastest and most enjoyable way to become a better photographer?  By taking a travel workshop that blends a target-rich environment with a structured learning process.  Our goal is to help you discover your photographic aptitude while enjoying the trip of a lifetime.

Check out the PHOTO TRIPS page for upcoming workshops!

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We provide focused didactic presentations during our trips.  But first we make the most of your experience by offering pre-travel zoom training on a diverse set of fundamental topics. 

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Learn by getting feedback on your images in a constructive photo forum where you can post your images.

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Photographic education should be personal and individualized.  This ensures that you build your knowledge and skill from where ever you are.

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On every trip, we explore a variety of photographic genres and create opportunities to shoot portrait, wildlife, landscape, street and travel images.

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Education should be organized, comprehensive, and delivered via a coherent learning progression.  Photography is a complex discipline that should be approached with a fun but rigorous training process.

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All learning materials can be accessed from our pCloud web storage site via password protection. This enables guests to study presentations and other learning resources before and after photo trips.

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  • Understanding Light

  • The Exposure Triangle

  • Cameras and Lenses

  • Composition

  • Secrets to Sharper Images

  • Creativity and Vision

  • Post-Processing

  • Cultural Portraiture

  • Image Analysis

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Jay Maisel once said:  "If it doesn't look good to your eye, it won't look good in your camera". Stunning locations produce stunning images.  And we keep our group sizes small to optimize your learning and shooting.

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